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With a busy few weeks of work ahead I booked a morning out for my skin last week. My day to day regime for my face is here but I wanted to focus on the body’s skin as it tends to get put aside. I use a lot of Dermalogica products so I wanted to try one of the treatments available at the Dermalogica headquarters in Crows Nest. Admittedly I was expecting the general body scrub but what I got was a customised treatment that sent me to la-la land!

My treatment went like this:
1. Consultation with my specialist.
2. ‘Body mapping’ session to show any areas of dehydration/ concern & talk about what I wanted to achieve from the treatment.
3. Full body exfoliation that had a combination of hydroxy acids + granular exfoliant (based on my mapping session).
4. Wrapped like a cocoon in a body pack to hydrate, sooth, repair and stay warm. Yum!
5. THE BEST PART – Pressure point massage while I’m wrapped. Complete and ultimate relaxation while I’m in a thermo-neutral zone (the zone perfect for our bodies to fall deep into relaxation) in the cocoon!
TOTAL TIME: 1.5hrs

My therapist also mixed together some essential oils during my treatment and afterward I had a long hot shower. Don’t forget your razor. Highly recommended. The clinic at Crow’s nest can be reached on (02) 8437-9600 for a full list of treatments and prices.

I then made a visit to the Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay to have a Body Boost Bed session which you can read about here. I instantly found my skin to be softer, smoother and had a ‘glow’!

Exfoliation time

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