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Summer skin tips

As soon as summer hits my skin changes. I sweat more and the routine I had over winter goes out the sunny window. Because I wear makeup a lot for work I need to keep my skin as clean as possible when I’m off duty to prevent blockage and breakouts. I have been seeing Dee at the Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay for almost 5 years now. I have been a regular to her famous ‘steam & squeeze’ facial which starts with a face steam to soften the pores, followed by a gentle extraction to remove impurities from beneath the skin <insert makeup residue here>. Dee has over 25 years of experience working with skin not to mention a swag of awards, qualifications and a community of loyal customers. When I was in the clinic last week I asked Dee to give me her summer skin tips to share with you. Here they are..

The most common problem over summer is dealing with the humidity. When excess sweat is not cleaned properly it creates blackheads which then get worse if more makeup is applied over the top, with more humidity. It goes on and on! So I suggest that we take this opportunity to keep yourself fresh and clean. Less is more.

1. Where your hair up to bed if its long and going to lie around your face .
2. Change your pillow slip at least twice a week because during those humid nights there’s a lot of sweat and bad bacteria creating havoc.
3. Please don’t exercise with your makeup on even if it’s mineralised powder. Wash your face before and after exercise and wipe your face while you sweat.

1. Dermalogica skin prep scrub – you can gently (I repeat gently) scrub at least 3 days a week in summer. Just to alleviate the build up of congestion like blackheads or little sweaty white heads this is not a solution for acne its just for the build up of sweaty congestion. AHA which has a balanced PH can be safely applied through summer. It’s all about staying clean and reducing excess sebum flow but ill repeat myself that doesn’t mean going nuts and cleaning and scrubbing until you are so dry and irritated. There is a balance.

Firstly I hope there is an umbrella there for any day in the sun. Im going to give you a bit of FACT about sun and skin.. After 10 Minutes the cells DNA starts to deteriorate . Then it gets an ever lasting imprint of sun damage . Even if you wear the best sunblock you are going to get a TAN. The UVA/UVB helps protect the skin from burning . It does not change the impact on those pore cells that are being battered. So sunblock and an umbrella are key to preventing skin damage EVEN IF YOU HAVE OLIVE SKIN. Then when you come home it’s all about hydration hydration hydration. Drink heaps of water throughout your beach day and when you get home hydrate your skin with a good body hydrating lotion.

Summer is a sweaty time! You produce excess sebum flow, so just avoid fatty creams and foundations and keep your skin fresh and clean. It’s really a catch 22 – get pimples, cover them up, get more pimples. Then you’re in trouble. Summer is a time to be clean inside and out I think.

I don’t advise extraction at home. I can advise cleaning blackheads after a shower with a couple of strong tissues wrapped around your fingers, gently pushing on the blackheads . PLEASE PREPARE THE SKIN WITH STEAM. Be gentle and get the professionals to extract for you.

If you want to find out more or visit the clinic, click here or call 02 9327 5033 for an appointment.

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