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Story of BODY + B.O.D

Last week I was lucky enough to share the story of how I started my online health and wellness program, BODY by Finch and new active wear range, B.O.D. Sharing my experiences came about after I was asked by Optus to help launch their brand new platform, ‘Yes Business’ – a very cool digital community hub that’s been set up to help business’ grow by giving them access to valuable networks and advice. You can see it here.

I wanted to share some of the points I spoke about, so that if you’re thinking of starting your own business or feel you need some inspo, then hopefully this may help. It can be pretty daunting starting up a business from scratch and it’s important to know you’re not alone.

Passion is number 1.
I always love the question, ‘if you had all the money in the world, what then would you do with your time?’ Health and wellness is my world and every day I wake up, I love the thought of being able to create positive change in someone else’s life – whether that be through changes in movement, food, meditation, lifestyle habits or simply just being there for someone to give advice. I used to be so concerned about numbers on the scales but how times have changed. Since becoming a mum of 2 and learning more, I’ve made a shift in how I view health and I want to give that back. BODY by Finch is a place for people to come to change their life for the better, from every aspect. My passion is my work and I believe that is what is most important when it comes to setting up or starting a business. I don’t mind starting early, working late or going above and beyond. If I wasn’t passionate about what I did I don’t know if that drive would exist.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.
I have learnt that in order for the business to grow, you need to be willing to change your ideas and plans and regularly look at other points of view. Just because an idea may sound great in theory, in practice it may be another story. This could be anything from design concepts to marketing plans. As much as I feel emotionally connected to every aspect of my businesses, I need to always remember that change is important, and as long as my passion remains I’ll be making the best decision for the business.

No such thing as a dumb question.
Ask. Ask. Ask away. Always be curious about the ‘why’ behind everything and never be afraid to ask a dumb question – there is no such thing. Most of the time everyone else is wanting to know the same thing anyway.  When we explore the reasons behind why and talk to people with more experience we not only learn about that specific topic, but we grow personally too. I always ask about words or phrases I don’t understand, or how the more complicated design and development processes take place.

Build your team.
The people you have around you will play a bigger role in the success of your business than what you think. They say you are a product of the 5 people closest to you in your life, and I think the principle is pretty similar for a business. Having a network around you that you can trust and call upon regularly is crucial for momentum and growth. This is why I was very excited to be working with Optus on the launch of ‘Yes Business’ – it’s platform connects you with other business owners that can provide valuable insights and information. Choose people and teams that inspire, motivate and help you grow.

Creating balance.
That beautiful ‘B’ word. It’s what we’re all after, especially in this world of full schedules and multiple to-do lists. How do I balance everything? For me, it goes back to what I love most – good health and listening to my body. I need a well-rounded mix of everything – exercise, family time, work, meditation, self-care, love, laughter, and so much more. The more I get in touch with my body and understand what it needs, the better I can perform at work and home. I set aside time to work on specific projects throughout the week and also dedicate time for everything else. I have learnt that If something feels too much, it’s important to stop and come back to it only when you’re ready.

You can register for my new BODY by Finch for FREE here.

You can check out the full range of B.O.D active wear here.

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