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My skin regime

People have asked what my skincare regime is like so I thought I’d pop it up on the site. When I was a teenager I certainly got the odd breakout, especially because I played a lot of sport and the Townsville climate is extremely humid. Hello sweat! I find the Sydney climate to be great for my skin although due to wearing a lot of makeup for filming and photo shoots at work, my pores still get clogged and so I need to take extra care to keep my skin clean. Having great skin also comes from within – a healthy diet and loads of fresh water are imperative but that’s a story for another time. The moment I get home from filming I’m in the bathroom removing my makeup. I can’t remember ever going to bed with makeup on my skin! It took me a while to find products that work well on my skin and I truly believe it’s like health & nutrition – what works for one person may not work for the next. You need to experiment, get to know your skin and understand that our needs will change as we do. I don’t mind trying new products from time to time as I’m a big believer in allowing your body to adapt to change. Also, since being pregnant I’ve noticed my skin is slightly more sensitive in the sun and tends to dry out more than usual. Throughout pregnancy I used hydrating oils & rich creams on my stomach, back and boobies including Palmers rosehip oil, Kora organics rosehip oil and Bio Oil which is a favourite.

My daily regime
Morning: Cleanse with Dermalogica special cleansing gel + moisturise with Dr Spiller Aqua plus.
Night: Cleanse with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, tone with Environ alpha toner forte + moisturise with Dr Spiller collagen aqua plus.

*One night a week I will also exfoliate with Dermalogica skin prep scrub.
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After work/having makeup on: Clinique ‘take the day off’ makeup remover + cleanse with Dermalogica special cleansing gel. I use cotton pads and a warm, soft face washer to remove.








Body: Any body moisturiser, preferably brands that are fragrance-free which are suited to the season. Some favourites include QV Skincare, Dermalogica, Kora Organics and Burts Bees.

When I moved to Sydney 4 years ago, I was introduced to an incredible skin specialist in Double Bay – Dee Davies at the Clear Skin Clinic.  I’ve been going there once every few weeks since I met her for the signature steam & squeeze. The process is as follows:
1. Clean with suited cleanser & gently exfoliate.
2. Apply aquatrol and claytec mask & steam face for 5-10 minutes.
3. Professional extraction.
4. Apply peel that is suited to particular skin type or gentle mask.

This treatment works great for my skin as all the impurities from makeup,etc are removed. I feel clean as a whistle when I leave! Dee opened the Clear Skin Clinic 12 years ago with an initial passion for clearing acne in teenagers. Once the salon was up and running and word got out, mums, dads and the whole family were in for appointments. I asked her what her best piece of advice would be and she said, “Sometimes we need to leave our skins alone, humans are funny things in the twenty first century. They like to buy anything to fix things and the unfortunate thing with this is that products are very active these days so they can really mess with the mantle of the skins balance and cause more problems.”

If you want to make an appointment at the Clear Skin Clinic call (02) 9327 5033 or visit www.theclearskinclinic.com.au.

  1. Amy

    Dr Spiller products are amazing! Can’t recommend them enough. I too love the Collagen Aqua Plus and the Cucumber Cleanser x


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