Rachael Finch

Rosemary + green soup with smoked salmon

This sounds weird but I can tell you it tastes pretty delicious! Perfect for our wintery nights. I had a cyst removed from my lip yesterday so I’ve been instructed to eat soft foods only for the next few days. I found these ingredients and whizzed them together.

Tray of baby brussels sprouts
XLarge handful kale
1 fennel, coarsely chopped
1 Tin organic red kidney beans
2 Tbls rosemary, I used dried
Tin of naturally smoked salmon (or however much you like)
S+P to taste

1. Place all ingredients except beans and salmon in a pot and boil until vegetables are just soft.
2. Transfer to blender, add beans and blend to a consistency you like.
3. Serve with smoked salmon on top with S+P. (I also added chunks of avocado to mine but took the pic before!)

Hope you like x

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