Rachael Finch

Pumpkin + pine nut pairing

We had friends over on the weekend and I made this pumpkin + pine nut salad to serve with a roasted chicken. It was the perfect salad that dished up a good punch of fibre, Vitamin A (thank you beloved pumpkin) and healthy fats. Recipe for you here guys. Enjoy!

Roasted pumpkin + pine nut salad
Serves 4

4 cups butternut pumpkin, skin removed and diced
1 bag baby spinach & rocket leaves
2 cucumbers, skin removed, diced
125g semi dried tomato strips
2 handfuls raw pine nuts
olive oil

1. Toss pumpkin in olive oil, season and bake 180 degrees for 25-30mins. Let cool.
2. Heat fry pan and toast pine nuts in pan. Be careful not to burn – toss nuts continuously.
3. Add all salad ingredients into bowl and top with the roasted pumpkin and pine nuts.
4. Drizzle with olive oil and serve!

  1. Robyn Squire

    Try some maple syrup over the pumpkin as it bakes. Adds another depth of flavour to this delicious recipe.


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