Rachael Finch

Mid Monday morning

Perfect way to hit all those smoothie-choc-fruit cravings in one! Love making one of these mid morning to give me a great energy lift for the day. The Maca powder I use in my smoothies has a long list of beautiful benefits (it’s one of my fave health ingredients at the moment) some include, increased energy levels, supplying iron and restoring red blood cells, supplying the body with Vitamins B, C + E as well as providing the body with plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. It’s also great for the skin! You can add any fruit combo you like.

Choc Mango Meal in-a-cup.
2 cheeks of a mango
large handful raw kale
1 tbls Maca powder
1 tbls cocoa powder
2 tbls chia seeds
cup of ice
1-2 cup soy milk

Pop everything in a Vitamix, or any blender, mix well and drink through a straw with a big smile on your face making lots of ‘mmmmm’ sounds.

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