Rachael Finch

Jewellery with meaning – By Charlotte

I had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous and talented Charlotte Blakeney on a photo shoot recently for Instyle magazine. She did a stunning job on my makeup but little did I know she was the designer behind some of the beautiful jewellery being placed around my body. She started her label  ‘By Charlotte’ because she loves making women feel and look beautiful. She said, “Makeup has always been so satisfying and adorning women with gorgeous pieces is equally as enjoyable.” How gorgeous! I love that every piece has its own meaning which is related to the stone that is used. For example, Mother of pearl is to ‘calm’ and Turquoise represents strength and wisdom. The whole collection is based around a lotus to symbolise enlightenment and new beginnings.

Charlotte’s pieces have been featured in Harpers Bazaar, Madison and Grazia magazine. I love the delicate and earthy elements in her designs. You can visit her site here and explore for yourself. What a perfect gift for someone who appreciates something sentimental.










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