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I’m impressed

I get excited about anything that makes me feel amazing. Our world is full of so many toxins and stimulants, our bodies need as much help as they can get in order to neutralise. Drinking fruit and vegetable juice has become a part of my daily routine – it’s a great way to get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals and juice is easier for the body to digest.

You may have been hearing a lot about cold pressed juices lately? Cold pressing is an age-old method of slowly extracting juice, which helps retain the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can be lost during conventional methods. I have been working with a fabulous team to help launch a new range of cold pressed juices called Impressed Juices.

Our juices are cold pressed from fresh produce and never heat treated. People are becoming more savvy about their health and with that comes curiosity about what’s in their food and drink and where it comes from. Each Impressed Juice contains 100% Aussie-grown fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs sourced directly from the farm, and are carefully pressed and bottled locally resulting in full-flavoured and irresistibly aromatic, fresh juice.

Unlike regular juices that are heat pasteurised, each Impressed Juices bottle is submerged in cold water and high pressure tested to deactivate harmful bacteria and naturally extend shelf life – it’s just like dropping them to the deepest part of the ocean. Cold pressurisation is an external process meaning the raw juice is never directly touched.

Knowing that all of our produce has been grown in rich, fertile soil and with the high quality standards that Australian farmers are known for is something I am very proud of. Our team also take careful steps from farm to fridge, which is juice craft at its very best.

Introducing the flavours..

Ginger Ninja
Carrot, apple, ginger and turmeric. The optimum combination of sweet and spicy, perfect for a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

The Works
Celery, kale, apple, cucumber, parsley, fennel and lemon. A refreshing wake-up-call that’s naturally loaded with phytonutrients, not sugar.

Summer Greens
Spinach, pineapple, kale, apple, cucumber and mint. Supporting daily greens intake and helping the body sing.


Impressed Juices are available in Woolworths stores and in leading independent grocers nationally. You can find them here,
Instagram: @impressedjuices #impressedjuices

  1. Tess

    I absolutely love the juices, they are my breakfast ritual. I would love to see pure vegetable juices but all in all great juice.


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