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Extended Summer

Smokey grape hues.

Use one colour on the eye. Smokey grape hues are still on trend.

Orange lips.

For day to night wear add a bold lip.

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Considering our summer may very well be unofficially extended this year, it does mean we get to enjoy the gorgeous summer beauty trends a tad longer! I chatted to one of my favourite makeup artists, Erin Shaw, about what he loves this season and what tips he has for long lasting summer beauty bliss.

Summer 2015 trends that stood out for you?

Most of the shows for 2015 showed mainly girls wearing the absolute barest of makeup. The look was basically concealer only, as in the Marc Jacobs show. When there was colour on the lid it was purple as in Vera Wang, in a smoky grape hue. The last trend that was prominent was the return of the red lip stain in a variety of tones from scarlet to more orange based tones.

Best tip for long lasting makeup in the sun?
To keep makeup in top condition try a small water vaporizer in your bag such as the Evian spray to help retain moisture to the skin to avoid base drying out in the sun plus a good lip balm for after sun exposure.

Why do you love about summer beauty?
Summer beauty gives a woman a chance to shine naturally. I love that a complete summer look can be achieved by using only 2 or 3 products. I think this is key when it comes to application, less is more.

Tip for day-to-night wear?

Going from day to night I love being able to add a bold lip. It’s a quick and easy way to freshen up a look in minimal time. To freshen up a day look you can gently run a makeup wipe over the skin and perfect with concealer, some cream bronzer, mascara and top off with your favorite red lippy.

Summer products VS Winter?
For summer try sticking to cream or stick based products such as cream bronzer. I prefer neutral or tinted lip glosses which can all be applied easily without any brushes.

What’s coming up for you this year?

Lots of exciting things coming up for 2015 including building & reformulating my online makeup school Erin Shaw Academy!

The Colour Theory Bohemian Goddess collection for summer 2014/15 includes some perfect pieces to get you through the end of summer and beyond. A couple of my favourites include the ‘down to earth’ eye shadow palette, ‘bittersweet’ lip gloss and the concealer stick which is only $6! These pieces aren’t heavy to wear and are spot on trend as mentioned here by Erin.

  1. Charlie

    Hi Rachael! I was wondering what your thoughts were on the blood type diet and what blood type you are? Thanks! Xx

    1. Rachael Finch Post author

      Hi Charlotte. I am B+ blood type. I have learnt about the blood type diet, but I believe everything in moderation is important and limiting or denying yourself of certain foods can be negative. I like to include MORE green in my diet, drink lots of fresh water and balance all other food groups. Thanks, Rach x


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