Rachael Finch

How can I top this?

I always knew I wanted to have children and become a Mum. I think a lot of us paint this perfect picture when we’re young of how we want our lives to turn out; who we’re going to marry, what we’ll do for work and what our house will look like. Adulthood teaches us that life is unpredictable and plans can change at the drop of a hat. I feel I have been touched by angels. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the globe, work with inspiring brands & organisations, have the opportunity to make a difference and do it all while living in the best place on earth. Just this past year I’ve married a man who I love beyond words and now recently, given birth to the most precious gift a woman could ask for. I’ve heard so many cliché phrases about motherhood, but last month I admit to becoming someone who uses them quite frequently now. I just can’t help it.

It’s amazing how much I changed as a person from the moment Violet was placed on my chest in hospital. This beautiful soul now relies on me completely; nothing runs through my head now without Violet passing first. I have so much admiration for other women and mothers who have done it tough, not every experience is a good one. The pain I felt at the peak of my contractions and while I pushed was like no other, although I can confidently say that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I am in heaven, on earth.

I want to thank all of the lovely doctors and midwives who made our stay so lovely and as easy as possible but most importantly to my family and friends who have been with us every step of the way. (I also apologise for the influx of photos guys!) The past 5 weeks have been challenging to say the least and I don’t think anything can prepare you for a newborn. I was once a 10-hour-a-night gal and I think our 2 cocker spaniels are still adjusting! We’ve had love and support around us constantly which makes our job as new parents easier and allows me to stress the importance of support to others. Every day is a learning curve. What a magical journey!

Love Rach x

  1. Kate

    Congratulations Rachael. She is lovely. I too am a first time mama with my baby now 7 months old. It is the hardest, scariest and the most wonderful thing all at once. Every day you learn something new. Time flies so enjoy every moment. x

  2. Bec

    Congratulations! Very well said. I am a new mum to a now 10 month old and agree entirely. Every single day is new, challenging & sometimes overwhelmingly scary but so wonderful & full of joy all at the same time! Us women sure get an emotional workout! You’ll be an amazing mummy Rachael because of your wonderful positivity. Youre a wonderful role model & Violet is truely blessed. Breathe in every moment & take it day by day. X


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