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Body Boost Bed

Although it looks like one it’s not a tanning bed. I must admit I was a little sceptical about the Body Boost Bed when I first saw it in my skin specialists’ clinic (Clear Skin Clinic) in Double Bay. The disco lights made me think about microwave radiation. It took me a few visits, lots of questions to Dee – my skin specialist – and my own research to get me into bed. So to speak. I’ve discovered a gentle, natural and safe therapy which works wonders in more ways than one. Medical professionals at the Royal North Shore Hospital have reported their patients with Mitochondria disease have seen outstanding results after using the Body Boost Bed and NASA even uses some of the frequencies used in the unique beds for their astronaughts to maintain health and muscle tone while in space. Cool.

Ok so how does it work? Scientific research and medical practice proved long ago that light stimulates healing, reduces pain and has a vitalising effect at different wave lengths. The Body Boost Bed uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that consist of red, blue and infra-red, as well as a unique multi-frequency system. It’s much like the process of photosynthesis if you can remember from chemistry class – ‘the stimulation of life processes with light’. The lights are used to stimulate your body’s own regenerative metabolism at the cellular level. So essentially our cells are being exercised to convert light into cellular energy which accelerates the production of collagen and elastin as well as allowing your body to heal itself. Hello to a whole list of benefits.

NASA reported in 2003 that,“Biologists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light from LED’s which is energy just outside the visible range, grow 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by such light. The light arrays increase energy inside cells that speed up the healing process”.

Some of the things it does:
Pain management (back pain, tendonitis, sporting injuries, arthritis)
Internal fitness (Increase metabolism, lymphatic drainage, increase muscle tone, stress relief, increase energy)
Skin repair & maintenance (Increase collagen & elastin naturally, firm sagging skin, acne, maximise hydration, overall skin rejuvenation)

After using the bed I notice I sleep better and feel more relaxed, have more sustained energy throughout the day and my skin repairs faster. I’m a big believer in getting optimum health results through healthy & happy diet and lifestyle choices but the Body Boost Bed certainly gets my tick of approval! Love it! Dee usually puts me in after my normal ‘steam + squeeze’ treatment which you can read about here. You can read more about the BBB technology at this site and give it a go at the Clear Skin Clinic.


  1. Jemma

    I suffered from severe eczema all over my body including my face. After around 9 weeks of 3 times a week OMNILUX cleared my painful, red and inflamed skin up! It’s so beautiful and relaxing too.. Enjoy the many benefits to come xx


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