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Baby shower ideas

I had my bubbsy boo shower at our dance studio, Dance Planet in July. I celebrated with 30 of my closest friends and family over a yummy lunch of salads + sandwiches & apple + cinnamon muffins made by the delightful Sammy & Bella (My Kitchen Rules winners 2011). Of all the events I’ve hosted this one was by far the most fun to date. Check out what I had planned:

I decided to run with a ‘blue & pink’ theme considering we have left the sex of the baby unknown. It was a nice way to sprinkle colour into the studio and I was shocked at how much I found in pastel blue & pink palettes from toothpicks to cupcake holders.

dessert table

My step mum Janelle made a phenomenal chocolate mud cake (my fave) with 2 gorgeous pink + blue owls perched on top – this happened by chance, she didn’t know I had a theme! – If anyone is interested in the recipe or cake-making process let me know and I’ll pass on your questions. I didn’t want to knife it! Thanks J xx


My guests took home fruit & vegetable seedlings I purchased from Bunnings and wrapped in ribbon. They were only $2 each on average! I’m in the process of starting my own veggie patch and wanted to get others on the bandwagon!


Games I played:
Pass the parcel – I wrapped toys, dummies and fun baby items in alternating blue & pink tissue paper.
Pictionary – I stuck sheets of paper on the windows and broke my guests into teams. One person from each team was selected as the artist.
Word jumble – I selected 5 baby-related words and jumbled the letters for people to unscramble. Tip: make the words more difficult than you think. This turned out to be a quick game..
Ribbon test – I wrapped a piece of cooking string around the bottom of everyone’s glass and asked them to unravel it and cut to the size of my bump. The closest measurement won!
Lollie jar – I filled a baby bottle with raspberry lollies and asked everyone to guess the correct amount inside.
Baby alphabet – I wrote down the letters from the alphabet on separate pieces of paper and called out letters randomly. The person who yelled a baby-related word starting with that letter first, won that letter. The person with most letters at the end won.

  1. Angie

    Hey Rachael,

    What great games. I especially like ‘baby alphabet’ – I’ve never heard of that one! Some great ideas if I am ever a host of a baby shower. I just had mine YESTERDAY! Hehe.

    Did you find it stressful hosting/planning your own?



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