Rachael Finch

Ready to pop

Sleeping (already taking on characteristics of Mum), 32 weeks.

Being told that you’re carrying a child inside of you is one of the most beautiful things a stranger could say to me. There’s a sudden shift in thinking. In fact there’s a sudden shift in a lot of things. What was once a journey of complete independence in mind, body and soul, with or without my husband, becomes a radical new dimension. A super power in a way! The underlying strength my baby gives me throughout any one day is pretty damn special. To listen to a brand new heart beat or feel a kick for the very first time is beyond explanation.

Mushy stuff aside, the weird and wonderful changes welcomed with pregnancy are certainly worth a mention. I thought having bigger boobies would be fabulous but I can’t seem to sit at home without a sports bra on anymore. My nose runs like Niagara falls at the hint of certain scents, I’m laughing one minute and balling the next and I’m starting to think I could write a best seller with the wacky dreams I’ve been having. I’ve come to discover that everyone has an opinion on what to expect during your 9 month gestation period. How much and what I should be eating, what my baby bump should be doing by month 5, the best exercise, remedies for nausea, the list goes on. I had a middle-aged man approach me on the street last week insisting on a HypnoBirth. I told him I’d look into it. I have loved every bit of advice and every bit of the sharing process – I think this will top the ‘best of’ list of things I’ve been fortunate to do. No two women share the same pregnancy experience nor are any 2 pregnancies the same. I’ve learnt to take each piece of advice with a grain of salt and just roll with the punches, so to speak.

Just 1 week to go until a new soul is due to enter the world and we won’t know it’s gender until then – something which makes referring to our child as “it” kind of awkward. I feel blessed to have experienced quite a relaxed journey and made it a priority to nourish my body with a balance of healthy food, sleep, relaxation, exercise and joy. Oddly enough labour excites me and I look forward to the challenge that awaits. That may change in a few daysbut something I am sure of is without even meeting ‘it’ yet there’s a love that goes far beyond heartbeats and kicks.

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